Day Nine - The Long March back to Madrid. The Trip Comes Nears the End.

May 11, 2002

This was a get up and drive day. we had at least 616km to drive today and it was probably more, as we strayed off the Super Highway (toll road) due to cash reserves. We did a looping arc from Barcelona through Lleida and Tarazona (stopped for lunch) and further North through Soria (power shopper Paula like that) and then dropped down into Madrid heading South.

 Catedral de Tarazona

This Cathedral, closed for renovation doesn't get much attention in the guide books, nor does the town for that matter. The Cathedral is a mix of Romanesque, gothic, Mudejar, and Renaissance styles. If anything it is known for it's mudejar cloisters - which we couldn't see.


The Cathedral was still pretty to look at, not as big as many of the other monster cathedrals we had seen in Barcelona and Burgos, but quaint. We dined on a delicious meal of trout and lamb, according to Paula's notes at a place called El Galeon. Two hours later we took up our mad dash to Madrid, with a quick stop in Soria.


Red door in Tarazona.


The Monasterio San Juan de Duero sits quietly by the river amid cottonwoods and grass. The church, dating from the 12th century, is quite simple. Its graceful arches blend Romanesque and Islamic styles and are all that remain of the 13th-century cloister. Inside, an annex to the Museo Numantino displays medieval artifacts.


I'm pretty sure what we liked most about this spot and this day, was IT WAS SUNNY!

Paula did some power shopping for some WOW pottery, which we shipped home, we went into the newer part of Soria, stopped into a church in the central part of town, and then drove into the walking only area (Sunday afternoon). But the most fragrant part was the church - of smelly sisters. Up in the front of the church, it was barred off from the rest of the church and pews and behind the bars were a dozen or so nuns, in habit, sitting and praying. some were asleep, but the stench coming from the area was overwhelming. Oye!

Day Ten - Fly home, if you can make it to the airport

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