Day Seven - The trip to Cardona

May 9, 2002
 Arties to Cardona

This was the snow day. We had a great breakfast, saw the Bickersons, or at least the hen-pecked guy, had some hot coffee and got on the road. It was misting of course and that meant snow as we went higher and higher, through a ski resort, and finally down hill.

 La Seu d'Urgell Monasterio

Active Monastery in La Seu d'Urgell, with walls 10 feet high. It had some beautiful buildings and architecture, that were hard to see, except when the entrance gate was open

 La Seu d'Urgell Crypt at Catedral de Santa Maria

Romanesque headstone in in the Cathedral, there were bunches of these.

 Crypt - La Seu d'Urgell

One of dozens of crypts or caskets that we saw here lined around the Cloisture walk-ways, and in other cloistures on trip around Spain.

 Old Door - La Seu d'Urgellclose up of door in La Seu d'Urgell

We had lunch at Les Tres Portes, a Cafe, and had a wonderful meal. All along the walls were framed shots of various doorways, presumably from Spain, although some looked like they may have been taken in the Greek Islands as well. It inspired me to start shooting doors. This doorway is an entrance to an enclosed field. Not sure if there was ever a home or building behind the walls, or if it was just a field protected by a door.

 Inside Cloisture at Catedral de Santa Maria

All of the Cloistures we were in were very nicely kept up and most of them, except for Barcelona, had an open grassy area to walk around and a garden to admire.

and now on to Cardona

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