Here are some pictures of the girls as well as some with our friends

A visit w/ Mr. Claus himself!

Time flies! It is late December (Pre-Christmas)and the girls are in various stages of cold and/or flu. The girls are best buddies and entertain each other for the most part.

We hope your having your self a Merry Christmas and/or a Merry what ever time of year!.

Posing for the camera on the Squaw chair lift

Some shots from 2001.

Our new cousin, Greta, she was born in early July of 2001. That is her Mom and Dad(Heather and Jason). Don't they look happy?
Montana and Savannah at the Truckee elementary School Pumpkin Patch, October, 2001.
All that running around made us a tad thirsty....lots of punch to drink at a Luau.
This is Savannah. She likes to pick flowers and do things that big girls like me do.
Here we are with Grandpa at Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Mark's house in Vancouver, WA. We were up celebrating my Great Aunt and Uncle's 50th anniversary party in July. We didn't know many people, but they thought we were cute.
Here I am with my Aunt and Uncle and my bashful Cousin, Greta, again. Thanks for stopping by our page.


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