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This is the place for all of the news, notes, and quotes on Abscam.

What Abscam isn't - Abscam was a political scandal involving the arrest of members of Congress on charges of accepting bribery. In an investigation begun in 1978, the Federal Bureau of Investigation created a dummy corporation called Abdul Enterprises, Ltd., and used FBI agents posing as Arab businessmen to contact various public officials for the purpose of offering bribes in return for political favors. The FBI video taped such meetings involving public officials. The much-publicized tapes were central to successful indictments brought in 1980. One senator and four members of Congress were convicted of bribery and conspiracy. A fifth member of Congress was convicted on other minor charges.

What Abscam is - Abscam is a group of devoted and not so devoted free diving fans, families, and friends, who get together on a regular basis to enjoy the thrill of diving, the fruits de mer of our labor, and the comradery we have developed over the years.

We typically gather at Fort Ross and other spots along the Sonoma coast line and camp at Ocean Cove Campground and ever so periodically, Van Damme, or at a house at Sea Ranch.

New Addition! See the Fort Ross link on the left for auto generated tide tables for Fort Ross and other locations along the West Coast.

The History The history of how Abscam started is a bit vague. Various nefarious people were introduced to diving while attending U.C. Davis and started regularly diving the same spots along the coast. Slowly, various groups formed into a group of twenty or so folks that would gather on a regular basis during the dive season and stay at Salt Point State Park and eventually at the private campground at called Ocean Cove. The two catalysts for today's group would have to be Bob Egelhoff and Clegg Robinson. Ugly too! After much too much wine and other items, we began a naming game and I came up with Abscam - scamming for abalone - Abscam.

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